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Helping to rebuild lives, one intentional act at a time. 


Expeditions are an opportunity for military Veterans to attend a fully-funded wellness retreat, created to offer an environment of outdoor fun, camaraderie, and healing.


We are committed to helping combat veterans who return home with emotional trauma regain their lives. It starts with a week in the woods and ends with veterans reconnected to their families, friends and futures.


Researchers have found that time with peers, relaxation methods, distracting activity, proper diet and sleep all can aid in the recovery from PTS.


Expedition Balance is a program that leverages all these experiences and more, away from the traditional clinical environment.


It starts with a multi-day journey, far from day-to-day stresses and close to the peace and beauty of nature. Over the course of the week, participants are exposed to a curriculum of processes and principles that break down the walls of PTS and help participants regain their sense of self in the world.

To download an application for our 2020 Expeditions in Colorado or Texas, just click the button below. 

Our 2021 Online Retreat Begins May 1st. Apply today! Click Here for Application.