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about us

We are dedicated to supporting Veterans by providing programs that may lead to meaningful lifestyle changes. 


Expedition Balance is a non-profit organization (501) (C) (3)


Our activities offer a holistic, non-clinical approach to helping participants regain their sense of balance and peace of mind.  These activities that have proven effective in improving brain function for those suffering the symptoms associated with combat stress and PTSD. 


Our certified instructors have assisted Veterans and their family members for more than 10 years. 


Our special events typically include activities like: hiking, kayaking, workshops in nutrition, cooking, creative expression (art), yoga, mindfulness, and other activities. 


Several times a year, we offer fun and healing Expeditions (outdoors retreats) for Veterans in a variety of locations.

View our 501 (C) (3) status letter here:

board of directors

Founder and Director

Carl Salazar

Navy Veteran

Houston, TX


Dr. Edward Salazar

Air Force Veteran

London, UK


Sean Doherty

Navy Veteran

Boston, MA

Andrew D'Ambrosio

Navy Veteran

Los Angeles, CA


Louis Briones

San Francisco, CA


Dr. Sarah Kennedy

Air Force Veteran

Phoenix, AZ


Carl Salazar, Founder and Executive Director


Carl is a 1989 graduate of the US Naval Academy and an 11-year veteran of the Navy, including service aboard the USS Ford (FFG 54) while deployed in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Shield/Storm.


He is the founder of Expedition Balance, its Executive Director, and a founding board member of the organization. Carl heads a Board of Directors committed to delivering the mission of offering aid and support to Veterans suffering from the traumas of military service, offering a variety of services that are known to increase joy and restore balance.

Carl started ExBal because his own practice of yoga, meditation, and a love of outdoors saved his life. Suffering from depression for years and fighting his way back to the light prompted him to serve others by sharing the practices. We started Expedition Balance to help save lives.


Before working with Expedition Balance, Carl worked in the metals distribution and manufacturing industries, performing in several operations management and business development roles. He earned a BS degree in Engineering from the US Naval Academy and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Carl's  experience in business, government service, and the military provide for the leadership needed to help this unique organization thrive.

partner affiliations

Expedition Balance is a proud member of Combined Arms (CAX) in Houston. CAX is dedicated to the effective transition of Veterans moving to the Houston area. We are also part of the R4 Alliance, a collaboration of organizations providing outdoors wellness to Veterans all over the US.

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