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expedition balance

adventure healing for warriors

​expedition balance is a 501C(3) non-profit at home in Houston and wherever the road calls us.


Expedition Balance supports the mental health of Veterans in a significant and lasting way. Through yoga, meditation, artistic expression, outdoor living, and so much more, we help veterans heal. This is real mental health support. Our programs are designed to make a difference and our teachers are qualified to offer experiential healing. Expedition Balance is committed to helping Veterans who return home with emotional trauma regain their lives.


Our activities offer a holistic, non-clinical approach to helping participants regain their sense of balance and peace of mind. Our programs are clinically-proven, and Department of Defense installations now offer similar programs to active duty service people. They call it resilience training; we call it Adventure Healing.


We offer regularly-scheduled yoga classes, as well as special events such as: hiking, paddling, community volunteer projects, and workshops in nutrition, cooking, creative expression, and other activities. Please see our calendar page for more details on what we have scheduled.


Our certified instructors have assisted veterans and their family members since 2010. If you want to get involved and make a positive difference in the life of a Veteran, or if you want to learn more about participating in our programs, click on a button below.


expedition balance
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